Rabbit Evolution:


The rabbit does not constitute to a single taxonomic group, but it rather refers to 10 genera of the family Leporidae, with very similiar characteristics to the hares and pikas, other members in the order Lagomorpha. The now popular pet bunny, primirally originates from the Oryctulagus Coniculus (the European Rabbit) who have first populated on the Iberian peninsula in Spain. 

The bunny is a very modern pet as, between the 19th and 20th century, the rabbit has still primarilly been captured and kept as an easily excessable meat source. As this economic aspect of bunny breeding reduced to a minimum, breeders started developing the new variance of the rabbit breed. They bred them for show rather than as a food source. Breeders expanded upon different genetical aspects, continuasly creating new and more complex rabbit breeds and building upon the newlyfound genetical codes. In the 21st century, breeders mainly aknowledge the social, competitive and leisurly aspect of breeding bunnies.

 A "European" Rabbit


Lionhead Rabbit History:


It is believed that the Lionhead rabbit has originated from Belgium in a litter between a crossbreed of a Swiss Fox and Belgium Dwarf/ sometimes a Jersey Wool. When this breed resluting from the crossbreed, was imported into England, additional crossbreeds were made with the Dwarf Angora and other smaller rabbits and by inserting these different blood lines, the European Lionhead Rabbit was formed. The first Lionhead Rabbits, which were the base for concentrated and generalized breeding programs, were imported into the United States by 1998.
The aim of breeders was, to produce a long-coated dwarf and the Lionhead was essentially an accidental production, which had become more popular than the long-coated dwarf . 

  A Swiss-Fox Rabbit



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