Welcome to My Informative Website about Lionhead Rabbit Gene Mutation!

I would like to welcome you to my website about all essentials and the genetical aspect of the Lionhead Rabbit. I am generally focusing on the genetical mutation evolving around the Lionhead Rabbit and how this mutation compares with other rabbit breads. Please feel free to surf through the informative pages and if time remains on your hands, don't hesitate to visit our website of our breeding facility in Basel, Switzerland:



Why the Lionhead?

The Lionhead is a very interesting animal, which has undergone gene mutation. Due to this being displayed in a simple yet complex genetic aspect, the Lionhead has gripped my interest. It is also a very visual mutation as the mane of the lionhead is a dominant gene whereas other animals having been introduced to genetical mutation, the gene may not be dominant and therefore no visual change is seen. 


About Me:

My name is Annabelle and I still attend school as a student. I have gathered my experience and knowledge of breeding bunnys through my own breeding facility "Mini Bunnies" (www-zwergkaninchen-ch.beepworld.de) which, I have organised, overseen and I am continuosly building on upon to personify and produce an "ideal bunny" who is not only strong in all genetical but also character aspects. This can only be done through depthly and ongoing research, helping me realise how little breeders actually know about this animal and its absordly complicated genetics. Through strictly sorted out genes and supervised mating, we have become closer to our personal view of an "ideal bunny", but we still have a long way to go until this image is realised. Due to my Personal Project throughout the years of 2013-14, I have chosen to communicate my knowledge and experience to others and not only present this in our website for the breeding facility, but also as a Information Website you are able to visualize here. Do not hesitate to contact me in case questions or comments occur.

I have chosen to expand upon this topic for my personal project as a lot of people do not know the complicated genetical aspects of rabbits due to the many different breeds and fur colors. Therefore this is not only an interesting animal to breed but one also has the ability to learn and gain knowledge about the overal genetical values encircling this topic.






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